My name is Iouri Lnograski. I am from Russia (so it’s Юрий Льноградский, just in case).

This site is yet one more attempt to embrace my activities in music-related area to whoever is concerned from abroad – in terms of a person, not particular projests. I book musicians, I make gigs (and sometimes quite huge creations and festivals), I write reviews, interviews, bios, reports and analytics (on music), I translate some good works (English to Russian), I provide promotional services to independent artists. Jack-of-all-trades, in short, as the only way to survive in this cruel world.

I was born in 1976, studied at state technical university in my hometown (with a degree in, surprisingly, automatic controls and informational technologies). For 20+ years, I am involved in a lot of jazz-and-around activities in Russia, including some major agencies and mass media in a certain period. Now it seems to be some sort of independent professional life. I reside in the northern part of Moscow neighbourhood.

I’ll build some collection of my text works here step by step, just to keep some tracks of myself. The work is in progress, and I doubt it’ll be done soon, as my past is deep. But some people say it’s needed.

Welcome with whatever ideas you might have.